Our Mission

SAGAesc provides charity to aid families in need, providing resources to help change disparity in hopes of empowering, promoting and stabilizing people living in underserved communities. We advocate, educate and promote awareness so that people living in these conditions can make better choices.

Our Vision

The vision of SAGAesc is to change the economic landscape for people living in marginalized communities by collaborating with likeminded organizations to discover ways in which to empower and stabilize communities through entrepreneurship and job creation.

Fred Haley, President

Fred Haley

We thank God for giving us the desire to help those in need in Jesus name!

Dawn Haley, CEO and Founder

Dawn M. Haley
CEO and Founder

A tireless professional, with integrity, perseverance, and tenacity to help those who seek, to find solutions to life(s) many challenges..

Carl McMillan
Board Member

Love thy neighbor as thy love thyself is what I stand for.

Chanell McMillan
Board Member

Helping others has always been my passion. My faith in God is my driving force.

Kelly "Jael" Brown
Co-Founder and Board Secretary

A true belief regarding my fellow-man if he is lacking then I still have much work to do.

Maija Doke
Advisory Board Member

The Lord continues to bless me that I may be a blessing to others.

Kelly Robinson
Advisory Board Member

There is nothing like having a place called home that can give you a great peace of mind.

Dr. Delphine F. Rankin
Advisory Board Development

Delphine strongly affirms that her passion is attributed to her steadfast belief in the "Most High" and His gift of ministry He has called her to do.

Lisa Glenn
Board Attorney

Lisa hopes to bring her journalistic skill and legal knowledge to help SAGAesc in its mission to help those in crisis.

Joyce Rogers
Board Member

"Things can be heavenly better but a hell if a lot worse," therefore I chooose to serve

Rhonda Drew
Board Member

SAGA has many collaborations on its horizon, but what intrigued me the most is that we're invigorating land which was once desolate and transforming it into vibrant gardens to bare fruit for the community

Kathy Raby
Board Member & Web Designer

Advocating for the underserved has always been my interest. I am proud to support the mission of SAGAesc!

Medina Nance
Co-Founder & Honorary Board Member

Bradley Dean
Board Member