We Support the poor and needy with dignity and love

What We Do


— We Find Funds

Strategically targeting and securing funds to support Sharing on Wheels Program, we leverage every opportunity to amplify your charitable impact.


— We Build Networks

We forge alliances with agencies to amplify our collective impact in providing essential aid to communities locally and in other cities and towns.


— We Strengthen

We offer dedicated support, addressing essential needs to uplift and transform the mental states of those feeling hopeless.


— We Educate

We offer inspired Spiritual Guidance through the Bible, encouraging personal growth and resilience with the Word of God.


— We Small Monetary Support

We offer small stipends to help with purchasing warm meal, groceries, or transportation for individuals facing financial constraints.


— We Consult

We understand the importance of addressing current needs that may not be covered by our charitable initiatives, and that’s why we connect individuals with other organizations to provide the assistance they require..

What We Care For!

We Offer Support to Women Requiring Vital Assistance

We provide essential feminine products to women in need, ensuring health, dignity, and well-being are maintained. Dedicated, compassionate assistance.

Partnership with PreacherHead Ministry to offer warm meals

We provide nourishing hot meals to support and uplift the impoverished and needy in our community.

Community Involvement Mentorship

We create a secure, supportive space for youth to engage with and learn about the importance of community involvement.

Networking Opportunities

We connect with like-minded entities, facilitating collaborations and partnerships that magnify our impact and reach.

We Offer Support and Comfort
  1. We provide heartfelt words of encouragement for those grieving lost loved ones, offering solace and supportive messages during their time of sorrow.

  2. Support through Challenges:

    Encouragement Card Ministry sends supportive words to those facing a variety of life’s challenges, promoting resilience and hope.

Donor Bike Matching Program:

Our program aims to connect generous donors with individuals in need of transportation by providing them with bikes. We bridge the gap between generosity and need, offering a sustainable and community-driven approach to transportation.