Sharing on Wheels

Across the cities and towns, We Are United in Our Dedication to serve

Who We Are

Making a Difference, One Person at a Time

We committed to supporting the homeless population by providing essential toiletries and a message of hope. Founded by a group of volunteers who decided to take a stand against poverty, we actively work to alleviate the struggles faced by the less fortunate in our community

We’re dedicated providing essential support to the poorest and neediest among us. Every day, countless individuals struggle to secure basic necessities.

Our Approach

We Facilitate Safe Spaces to HELP Others

We are committed to making a meaningful difference by providing safe, supportive environments for vulnerable populations. Our initiatives focus on outdoor spaces where individuals and families can find refuge, resources, and a community committed to their welfare and growth.”

Mission Statement-Encourage, Empower and Enhance


“To empower individuals in need through the establishment of secure and accessible outdoor spaces that offer not only physical safety but also opportunities to obtain hygiene products and social interaction.”

To provide essential items and support to underserved communities, ensuring every individual has access to their basic needs. Through strategic partnerships and dedicated outreach, we aim to instill hope and catalyze change where it’s needed most.


— Our Mission

SAGAesc labors to deliver charitable resources to the homeless and Poor & Needy population where government or social services agencies are not fully meeting their needs. We do this by advocating and providing useful resources that reduce socioeconomic disparity. Additionally, we collaborate with likeminded people and organizations to further extend this work to discover ways in which to empower and stabilize people living in these conditions.


— Our Vision

The vision is to change the perception and advocate for homeless and underserved communities. We want to see them as Jewels whom God placed among us to make us better human beings. We aim to collaborate with like-minded organizations to discover ways to empower and stabilize these populations through partnerships.


— Our Story

Sharing on Wheels began in the summer of 2009 from a heartfelt moment experienced by our founder visiting downtown Chicago. Witnessing the dire conditions of people on the streets, she was compelled to act. Initially, it was just  suitcases filled with essentials—nonperishable foods, toiletries, and a few dollars. This singular act of kindness paved the way for something bigger. From our modest beginnings, we evolved into a fully-fledged program, driven by compassion and empowered by mobility.